St Paul Slim's Bald Headed Samsun

Image of St Paul Slim's Bald Headed Samsun


From the man who has been featured on a whole slew of underground tracks including Atmosphere's posse cut "Crewed up" from the Strictly Leakage cd. Prof and St Paul Slim's Recession Music cd, Toki Wright's A Different Mirror cd and Just recently Mac Lethal's "kinda like a big wheel" and the MN Golden Gopher "play4brew" official football song.

St Paul Slim now releases his first solo debut album "Bald Headed Samsun"

Track Listing:

1. Ice Phoenix
2. The Principal
3. Jar-Head
4. Watch, Hate, Stop
5. Something Better
6. Relax
7. Back To The Roots
8. Go
9. Kissed
10. I Can't Stand It
11. Anti
12. Shut It Down
13. St. Paul
14. The Guardians
15. McArthur Park
16. The Look